Your Care Team

The Patient Services team at Ontario Health atHome includes care coordinators, team assistants (also known as patient services assistants and patient care assistants) and direct care staff who work collaboratively with patients, families and caregivers to ensure they get the care and support they need. This team works closely with our contracted service provider organizations, who are responsible for delivering the services identified in a patient’s care plan. They also stay in constant communication with your primary care provider and other health care professionals from your broader care team to ensure they are aware of the care plan. 

What is care coordination?

Care coordination is a core function of what we do at Ontario Health atHome. It involves ensuring the necessary services and supports are in place for patients to be as healthy, happy and safe as possible at every stage throughout their health care journey. From providing information and education, to completing health care assessments and developing care plans, to referrals for services provided by community agencies and even long-term care home placements, our staff are there to coordinate the right care for you at the right time and in the right place. Visit our Care Coordination page to learn more.

Care Team Members

Care coordinators work directly with patients, and their families and caregivers to coordinate patient care and to develop a custom care plan that meets the patient’s assessed needs. Learn more about the unique role care coordinators play in Ontario’s health care system (opens in a new tab)

Team assistants support care coordinators by booking visits, and by communicating with patients, service providers, and others as needed.  

Clinical staff provide direct patient care through our specialized clinical care programs. They use their expert knowledge, skill, and judgement to improve patient health and well-being.  

Contracted service provider organizations deliver frontline care to patients, including nursing, personal support services, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and more.