Patient Bill of Rights and Responsibilities

As a patient, family member, substitute decision-maker or caregiver, you have the right to expect that every Ontario Health atHome employee, Board member and contracted health service provider shall respect and promote your rights as follows:

  1. To be dealt with in a respectful manner and to be free from physical, sexual, mental, emotional, verbal and financial abuse.
  2. To be dealt with in a manner that respects your dignity and privacy, and that promotes your autonomy and participation in decision-making.
  3. To be dealt with in a manner that recognizes your individuality and that is sensitive to and responds to your needs and preferences, including preferences based on ethnic, spiritual, linguistic, familial and cultural factors.
  4. To receive home and community care services free from discrimination as per the Human Rights Code or the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
  5. A patient who is First Nations, Métis or Inuk has the right to receive home and community care services in a culturally safe manner.
  6. To receive clear information about your home and community care services in a format that is accessible to you.
  7. To participate in the assessment and reassessment of your needs, as well as the development and revision of your care plan.
  8. To designate a person to be present with you during assessments, and to participate in the development, evaluation and revisions to your care plan.
  9. To receive assistance in coordinating your services.
  10. To give or refuse consent to the provision of any home and community care service.
  11. To raise concerns or recommend changes related to the services that you receive, and with policies and decisions that affect your interests, without fear of interference, coercion, discrimination or reprisal.
  12. To be informed of the laws, rules and policies affecting the delivery of the home and community care services, including this Patient Bill of Rights, and to be informed, in writing, of the procedures for initiating complaints about the services you are receiving.

Patient Responsibilities

Just as you have rights and expectations as a patient, you also have responsibilities. Your responsibility as a patient is to:

  1. Treat Ontario Health atHome and service provider staff with courtesy and respect, free from discrimination, harassment and acts of violence (e.g. yelling, name calling, threats). Ontario Health atHome will not accept discrimination that violates an employee’s rights and safety.
  2. Provide a safe working environment for Ontario Health atHome staff and service providers by:
  • Providing a smoke and vape free environment
  • Securing pets during visits
  • Ensuring that walkways to the home are well lit and clear of ice and snow
  • Securing all illegal and potentially harmful materials (including weapons)
  1. Participate in developing your service plan
  2. Keep your care coordinator and/or direct clinical nurse informed about any changes to your health status and/or support system.
  3. Be available and prepared to receive service.
  4. Inform your care coordinator, direct clinical nurse and/or service provider in advance if you are not available to receive service.
  5. Inform us of any changes to your contact information and/or treatment address.
  6. Work together with your Care Coordinator and service providers to identify and resolve any concerns related to your care.

Both the patient and Ontario Health atHome staff share a joint responsibility to ensure the patient rights are met. However, under certain conditions, the Ontario Health atHome staff and/or service provider staff have the right to leave at any time should they feel unsafe.