Mental Health & Addictions Nursing

Living with mental health issues and/or an addiction is difficult at any age. When you add in the social and academic pressures of being a student, life can sometimes feel unbearable. Mental Health and Addictions Nurses provide early intervention, psychoeducational support and therapeutic strategies that address specific mental health and addiction needs for children and youth.  

The program consists of specialized nurses working in the community and in schools to assist students who have various mental health challenges. We build trusting relationships with students by respecting their right to privacy and confidentiality.   

Services include: 

  • Assessing and monitoring of mental health 
  • Developing strategies with students moving toward mental wellness 
  • Providing individual clinical nursing support at school or home  
  • Medication reconciliation, management and education 
  • Addictions support  
  • Liaising between schools, families and community care partners, to support care plan, goals and treatments 
  • Supporting transitions from hospital to community/school  
  • Referring to other health system, community and school supports and services 
  • Providing information and education to school staff to build knowledge of, and comfort in, supporting students with mental health and addictions challenges 

Once a student is referred, a nurse will be assigned to work with the student to develop a care plan and provide specialized, professional support. With the student’s consent, this can be in collaboration with family, school and community partners.  


Mental Health and Addictions Nurses are available to students who could benefit from short-term support, and aimed at students who: 

  • Have recently been to the hospital 
  • Require medication follow-up  
  • Have concurrent medical and mental health diagnoses 
  • Have substance abuse issues 
  • Present as a potential risk at school and where the support of a mental health and addictions nurse may be of assistance  

Benefits of the program: 

  • Students connected with appropriate community supports 
  • Improved school achievement  
  • Better health outcomes 
  • Students are enabled to develop and maintain healthy life skills and resiliency into adulthood 

Where to get help in a crisis or emergency situation: 

  • Kids Help Phone: 1-800-668-6868 
  • Canada’s national 24-hour, bilingual and anonymous phone counselling service  
  • Crisis Services Canada: 1-833-456-4566 or text 45645 
  • Distress and Crisis Ontario: Text SUPPORT to 258258 
  • Your local police or dial 911 for emergency situations 
  • Additional local services can be found on the Healthline website.  

Please note: For information about mental health and addictions nursing in the Champlain area, please visit Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (opens in a new tab) .

Make a Referral
Mental Health and Addictions Nursing referral forms are available on your local branch information page. You may also access all forms and other helpful resources in our main Document Library