Community Engagement

Get Involved – Become an Advisor

Advisors are patients, family members and caregivers with recent home and community care experience and an interest in sharing their time, experience and insights to help shape and improve care. We encourage you to get involved if you:

  • Have received or been involved with Ontario Health atHome in the last five years
  • Are interested in providing advice, insights and feedback from a patient, caregiver and/or family perspective

Advisors can decide what, when and how they wish to participate based on their experiences, interests and availability. There are many ways in which you can be involved such as committees, focus groups, material reviews and surveys. Learn more about becoming an Advisor and the various opportunities to engage.  

Your voice, your care, wherever you call home: Help shape home and community care

Community engagement is an essential function and core value of Ontario Health atHome, and a crucial component to delivering high-quality care, reflective of the needs of those we serve. By working together with patients, family members, caregivers and the community, we are able to meet these goals.

Involving those with lived experience brings unique insight, helps guide us in the development of patient-centred programs, services and policies, and further ensures our services are relevant, beneficial, reflective and supportive of patient needs, priorities and values.

We are committed to creating a safe and inclusive environment free from discrimination, harassment and tokenism to ensure advisors feel empowered to provide their honest and meaningful feedback. To ensure we are inclusive in our approach, we will intentionally engage with historically excluded communities including Indigenous, Francophone, racialized, Two-Spirit and LGBTQIA+, disabled and other underserved communities.

Our Community Engagement Framework

Our Community Engagement Framework (the “Framework”) was co-designed with patients, families and caregivers, and defines our common vision for engagement practices across the province. The Framework outlines what, why, how and when we will engage people using our programs, services and community partners. It also demonstrates our collective commitment to listening to, and learning from, those who we serve.

Learn more about our Community Engagement Framework.  

Do you have a question or would like to learn more about becoming an Advisor? Contact the Community Engagement team toll-free at 1-855-276-3096 or by email at