Community Engagement Framework

Our Community Engagement Framework (the “Framework”) was co-designed with patients, families and caregivers, and defines our common vision for Ontario Health atHome’s engagement practices across the province. It is aligned to our Mission, Vision and Values, and based on our Drive Excellence in Care and Service Delivery strategic priority which states that “we will create new opportunities for patient, family and caregiver co-design to ensure that the patient voice is incorporated in everything we do.”

Over a two-month period from April to May 2022, the Steering Committee, comprised of staff, patients, families and caregivers, heard from 67 advisors, 77 staff, 25 leaders and 10 community partners – all of whom provided valuable insight to help define a vision for engagement at Ontario Health atHome. 

The input received created the Framework, which outlines what, why, how and when we will engage people using our programs, services, and community partners. It also demonstrates our collective commitment to listening to, and learning from, those who we serve.

View the Community Engagement Framework here.

Thank you to all those that participated in the development of our Community Engagement Framework.